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Hi Cathy!

Just wanted to write and tell you how thankful we are that we found you! Sir Isaac Newton (aka Isaac) is growing so fast and is such a joy. He is a very mild tempered kitty and oh so lovable! We are extremely pleased with our purchase and will highly recommend you to friends and family when and if they're looking for a fluffy Persian to add to their family.  Thank you for making things so easy, your cats and kittens are top of the line and we could tell you really have a love for the breed. This shows in your impeccable grooming and wealth Of knowledge about them. I am happy to say Truly Blessed Persians is an absolutely wonderful cattery. Cathy practically hand raises her kittens and gives them the best start they can have. This shines in temperament, attitude and overall health in the kitten we purchased. My favorite part of the transaction was seeing our babies lineage. Champion lines across the board and it shows in this gorgeous kitten!

Thank you again Cathy! We are just over the moon with this adorable little fluff ball!

With warm regards,

Nicole Barratt

We cannot say thank you enough for our two sweet boys Eliot and Fred. As of today they have been with us for three weeks. They are the sweetest most loveable boys and they have brought such joy to our lives. You were so accommodating to us by letting us come to your immaculately clean and beautiful home within such short notice. We were so elated to see how well you treat your cats and kittens. It is very clear that they are truly loved by you and your husband. Eliot and Fred came to us well socialized and because of this they fit into our home immediately. Again, thank you from the bottom of our heart for these beautiful boys.

Just wanted you to know how happy we are with our decision to adopt sweet Claire. We certainly weren't looking to add another pet to our family and our decision to get her was not at all thought out and came completely from my heart instead of my brain. But I have learned over time that the best decisions I have ever made came straight from my heart. She is so very sweet, hilariously funny, extremely bossy, insanely brave, and much too smart for her own good. She is every thing you said she was and more. With all of that being said, she is absolutely perfect and we are so thankful that we have her and that she will spend the rest of her life here with us.

Kevin and Andrea Buttenschon

Cathy & James,

What a pleasure it was to meet the two of you in your beautiful home! In an instant, it was obvious that your kittens were well-taken care of from every angle. They were healthy, well-groomed, social, and simply adorable. Also, we so appreciate how organized you were regarding their health records and all related paperwork. As a result, you know we left with two beautiful kittens instead of one! (The two girls have been named Faith and Hope.) We want to also thank you as they are both conscious about their hygiene and well-adjusted. It is clear that you and James showed them lots of attention and love while they were with you. Thanks for sharing them with us and making the transition so easy.

Jeff & Wanda Focht

It's now been almost eight weeks since the boys (Ben and Bear) joined our family. The adoption of the boys immediately filled a void by the loss of our precious Ginger ( an almost nineteen year old Himalayan). The boys have adjusted extremely well and this Is a testimonial to the loving care provided by you and James. I would like to express our sincere appreciation to you for being available 24/7 to answer my questions and providing the necessary support and love during their adjustment period. It had been a long time since I had little kittens in my house and times sure have changed.

The display of knowledge and affection were evident during our introduction to the boys for that we are extremely greatfull. We love our boys and not sure now what we would do without them, they are so precious and growing so fast. Ben and Bear are still gentle and loving and affectionate, you just can't get enough of either one of them. To lose your cat and your Mother within a month was very hard! we were feeling very lonely, so we Thank you for filling the void in our hearts, it might not bring our loved ones back but it is the second best.

Once again thank you for all you have done and it was a please meeting such a wonderful couple.

Ginny, Mike, Ben and Bear.

Hi Cathy,

We have had Emily for almost 4 months and Izzy for over a month now and we are head-over-heals in love with both of them! They are the sweetest, most cuddly and playful kittens with great, easy going dispositions. In fact, they are lying right next to me while I write this. They are very healthy and immediately made friends with our other kitten. They go from cuddling and purring on our laps, to running around the house playing with us and chasing each other, providing hours of endless entertainment. They completely crack us up all day long! Everyone who meets them comments on how approachable and affectionate they are and how beautiful and gentle they are. Most of all, I cannot begin to thank you for all of your support with all of my questions. I know you are always there if I need to ask questions or just check in, and you do this because you love what you do! It shows in your expectations to breed super high quality kittens who are affectionate and loving, very intelligent and super healthy. Anyone who adopts one of your babies is very fortunate!

We are absolutely thrilled with Emily and Izzy and look forward to adopting another one of your sweet babies in the future.

Our very best,
Michelle and Ian

Hi Cathy,

Oscar is now almost 6 months old and has fit into our family so well. I can tell how much care and effort you put into your kittens, ensuring they are healthy and happy. Oscar is such a sweet, social and well-behaved kitty. He was completely potty trained from day one. He only ever scratches on his scratching posts and is really careful about not using his claws when he plays. He LOVES to be groomed and turns into a ragdoll when I do it. He isn’t scared of loud noises, not even the vacuum or our 3-year-old being rambunctious.

He is very social. He interacts with the entire family and visitors. He is completely smitten with our cat Harley. She wasn’t too fond of him at first, but he was persistent and won her over. He follows her everywhere and has brought out the kitten in her. Oscar was terrified of our boxer, Ali, at first and would hiss at him, but after a couple days he realized the dog wasn't even interested in him and now he will go up to him and give him kisses and snuggle with him.

He has fit right in and spends a lot of time playing, sleeping in his bed or cat tree, and if he’s not cuddling with us, he’s snuggled up with Harley or Ali.

Thank you again for everything! He’s such a joy!

Shanna, Dave & Eva

Hi Cathy! I just wanted to thank you for out little blessing Cali Pearl. She is such a blessing to us all. It is obvious that she came from a home where she was cared for, played with, and loved! I have never in my life seen such a well adjusted animal. You and James have done a wonderful job and come highly recommended. Thanks again and God bless you both! Have a great day! Jaimie VanDruff and family

Around 3 years ago i was at point in my life where I needed the fulfillment of giving all my devoted time, attention n love to an animal ...i was always drawn to the unique beauty of Persians breed after looking on the web for breeders in Pa. I came across Cathy and James Durham's website "Truly Blessed Persians and Himalayans Cattery". My attention was instantly captured. Cathy by far has thee MOST AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL KITTENS!!! I made my selection (which was a monumental task due to the fact all of her kittens are just so adorable. I instantly inquired both via msg n followed up by a couple of phn calls. I selected a white "odd eyed" ( vibrant blue n cooper eye). After speaking w Cathy I felt extremely comfortable n put at ease due to her extensive knowledge and great for her animals. After all details completed My friend n I drove to Muncy Pa ( roughly 1 1/2 hr from Scranton ) When we were greeted, we were so impressed by Cathy's home, its absolutely beautiful, and spotless...She keeps her babies in a beautiful room where it's (in my eyes dramatic) she opens this French white door, where she has classical playing softly, it's just a calm n serene environment. Cathy's animals are raised n her home when the kittens are accustomed to everyday living, activities and loud noises, n children, This prevents the cats from being skittish ;). In the end I named my male kitten Gabriel. Update; 3 yrs later as of ( June 7th 2014) I decided to get Gabriel a baby brother whom I named Oliver!!!! He's blue tip, cream point Persian, There was not a doubt in my mind where I wud be adding to my family. I highly recommend Truly Blessed Cattery, The Durham's are so very kind, compassionate and professional.

Teressa, Peckville

I am so much in love with these two beautiful girls. They are the most loving, social and cuddling cats ever. I was originally only going to get one of them the other was already was promised but that didn't work out so I decided to take both I am so glad I did. They give us so much pleasure watching them play together and cuddle together as they sleep. You can tell they were raised with so much love and socialization. I have had so many people say I wish my cats were so social. When we get company the cats are sure the people have come to visit them. They love to be where ever we are and helping us with whatever we are doing. Thank you Cathy and James for raising such beautiful, loving and healthy cats for us. I am so thankful I found you and decided to adopt my cats from you!

Judy Cramer


It was love at first sight. As soon as I caught a look at those big baby blues on that tiny little one-pound kitten, I lost my heart. And it's been nothing but wonderful ever since. Sassy is such a joy! Full of good humor, energy, and--you bet--plenty of the sass she's named for, she's won hearts and charmed everyone who's met her. She's such a happy girl and it's obvious she came from a loving and healthy home. Every time I turn around she's doing something I thought she was too small or too young to do--nothing stops her! She's bonded so closely with my old man Sphynx, Bam, you'd think he was her (bald) dad; she washes his ears and sleeps snuggled on top of him. I'd definitely recommend a TrulyBlessed kitten to anyone who loves Himis--and I have, come to think of it! There's no substitute for cats raised with good breeding, plus lots of love and exquisite care! Everyone needs a Sassy in their life--but step back, folks; she's with me!

~Dr. Meg

I received this precious little fur ball as a Christmas gift from my parents and it was love at first sight. She is such a sweet and loving kitten. She was very well socialized and is just always purring and happy. I did not get to meet Cathy personally but my parents have said nothing but nice things about her and the process of adopting my kitten. I would highly recommend adopting from Truly Blessed Persians and Himalayans.

Thank you so much!

We are the happy owners of five Truly Blessed Persians and Himalayans. I cannot say enough about Cathy and James Durham. I had lost three of my elderly cats within a year. My 17 year old cat was just as devastated as we were with our losses. When we arrived at Truly Blessed, I was extremely impressed and knew that we would not be going home alone. Needless to say Bailey, Mia, Ice, Madison and Teddy have made us and their older brother so very happy.

Lisa and Rick Davenport

We decided on the name Chloe instead and she is doing amazing! She went to her first vet appointment today and the vet tech had to show her to everyone they all loved her and said she is in very good health. My other cat, Toby, adores her. He keeps guard of her and is quick to check on her whenever she meows. She is so sweet and loving to everybody she meets. And we all love how well her purr motor seems to work. She is almost always purring. I can't thank you enough for raising such a happy, well adjusted kitten. She made herself at home so quickly! I'll attach some pictures of how she's adjusting in her new home.


white male
Past TrulyBlessed Kitten

blue cream
Past TrulyBlessed Kitten